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  • Bonanza Gold Panning Concentrates (12 lbs + 1/4 OZ Gold)

    Bonanza Gold Panning Concentrates (12 lbs + 1/4 OZ Gold) High quality PAYDIRT concentrates for the hardcore gold panner. TWELVE (12) pounds total of super rich gold panning concentrates - with a minimum QUARTER OUNCE OF REAL GOLD guaranteed! This is a mix of sizes with lots of big chunky gold.

  • 7 Paydirt Concentrates ideas | natural gold nugget, gold ...

    Aug 31, 2016 - Paydirt for sale from various locations including Washington paydirt, Idaho, California, Alaska and even Nevada paydirt. See more ideas about natural gold nugget, gold nugget, natural gold.

  • Placer Gold Bearing Paydirt Bags For Sale

    Gold Bearing Paydirt. On this page, we are offering bags of pay-dirt. These are perfect for practice panning, and are sure to get your gold fever going as the end result will produce a real flash in your pan. They would also be perfect for spooning into a spiral wheel, mini sluice, or whatever type of concentrate processing equipment you may have.

  • Dirthogg Paydirt Gold Concentrates

    The best placer gold concentrates. Gold Paydirt, Gold Cons.

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    Quick View. ORIGINAL PAYDIRT – 12 POUNDS. Bourbon Bob''s Original Paydirt! You will find plenty of gold in each bag of this awesome paydirt! $ 139.99 $ 69.99. Rated 4.86 out of 5. Add to cart. Quick View. Sale!

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    Sale! Quick View. GOLD AND GEM PAYDIRT – 3 Pounds of RAZORBACK PAYDIRT. $ 69.99 $ 29.99. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Add to cart. Our paydirt is composed of coarse decomposed granite sand containing quartz and other minerals. Each bag is filled with gold-bearing paydirt that is unprocessed. We classify it down to approximately 1/4 inch, making it ...

  • Yellowstone Paydirt

    Gold-Rich Unsearched Paydirt Concentrate from YELLOWSTONE PAYDIRT. $ 69.99 $ 34.99. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Add to cart. Quick View. Sale! Quick View. 10 Pounds of ORIGINAL (Great Gold!) Gold-Rich Unsearched Paydirt Concentrate from YELLOWSTONE PAYDIRT.

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    Strike Paydirt at! From the ground to your gold pan! You will find Real Gold from ALASKA and CANADA in our Paydirt! Shop Paydirt offers paydirt containing gold from historic mining districts in Alaska and Canada! These mining districts have a history of producing great paydirt with plenty of gold. Most rivers spawn … Continue reading "Home"

  • Chicken, Alaska ...Home of Chickenminer and Sourdough ...

    GOLD COUNTRY! Check out my online Store for Gold and Chickenminer''s Famous Paydirt! New inventory in Store! Below are links to my pages of Gold Mining in Alaska. Images from Sourdough Photography, including Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), Wilderness Scenics and Alaskan Wildlife.I hope you enjoy the tour!

  • Paydirt Bags – Lynch Mining, LLC

     · Your #1 Trusted Source for Natural Gold Panning Paydirt, Gold Nuggets, Gold Flakes, Gold Nugget Rings and Gold Nugget Earrings. Our Gold is of the Highest Purity 18k-23k. Every Bag, Jar and Bucket of our Gold Paydirt comes with a guaranteed amount of Gold. Natural Gold Paydirt, Gold Flakes and Gold Nuggets For Sale.

  • Paystreak Paydirt

    Our unsearched gold panning paydirt comes straight from the ground, unprocessed dirt, it is not dredged or sluiced concentrates. Our paydirt comes from old river beds, bedrock, banks, streams, under, and near large boulders and is screened to 1/2″. This paydirt is comprised primarily of coarse decomposed granite sand with lots of quartz, agate, and other minerals.

  • Goldbay Paydirt for sale

    Goldbay Paydirt for sale. I have been selling paydirt online since 1999. I am told every day that I have some of the richest paydirt available at the best prices. One of the unique things about me is that I offer you money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. 21 years later that amounts to 6 refunds TOTAL :-).

  • 10 Best Gold Paydirt Concentrate 2 Reviews 2021

    While shopping online for an gold paydirt concentrate 2 is easier and more convenient than shopping in person, it is also harder to know if you are buying a high-quality product. Even when the online pictures are an honest representation of the item, it is hard to see any tiny details in the photos.

  • Gold Paydirt for Sale | iPan4Gold Home – iP4G

    Likewise, if there is a price increase, their price may increase too, but will never go above their original purchase price for up to 12 months! . Default Title - $471.00. Add to Cart. 8.6g, 4 nuggets, 6lb - Hi-Grade Gold Paydirt. $610.00. 39421372334131. One-time purchase. Subscribe.

  • Dirthogg Paydirt

    Dirthogg real placer gold concentrates are hard to beat and even harder to find. Just look at this beautiful natural gold that goes into our paydirt. You want the thrill of being that miner who finds the mother load! Then look no further. A quality reputable distribution of course and fine gold.

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     · Here is a sampling of the return on investment for paydirt purchased from Gold Fever Prospecting website: 8lbs of Fun ROI: 58.15%. 1lb Gourmet Practice Gold ROI: 51.16%. Nome Beach Gold, Alaska ROI: 65% to 72%. 20lbs of Eureka Pay dirt ROI: 63% to 71%.


    Sale price: Super Gold Panning Concentrates (3 + lbs w/ 2.5 grams GOLD) Regular price: $205.00 Sale price: Giant 8 pounds of FUN Panning Paydirt 5 grams Gold Regular price: $415.00 Sale price: "Lucky Chances" UNSEARCHED Gold Panning PayDirt Regular price: $49.00 Sale price: Bonanza Gold Panning Concentrates (12 lbs + 1/4 OZ Gold…

  • Our Original Concentrate

    Strike Paydirt at! You Will Find Real Gold From Alaska and Canada in Our Paydirt! ... Sale! CLUNKER NUGGET BAG – 2X The Nuggets! Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 79.99 – $ 309.99 ... $ 49.99 – $ 249.99 Select options; Sale! Sale! MAMMOTH NUGGET BAG – Our Best Concentrate – Lots Of Coarse Gold and Nuggets! Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 99.99 ...

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    Everything you need to start panning for gold. Kit includes: 1x Bag of Aussie Paydirt. 1x Small Gold Pan. 1x Pipette (sucker) 1x Vial – to put your gold in. only $49.95. ORDER. $9.95 FLAT RATE SHIPPING ON ANY SIZE ORDER AUSTRALIA-WIDE.

  • Gold Paydirt Bags For Sale

    Gold Paydirt Concentrate Guaranteed GOLD AND GEMS 25 oz Bag $16.95 ( Bids) Time Remaining: 16d 13h 4m Buy It Now for only: $16.95: Unsearched California Gold Panning Paydirt Trommel Cons GUARANTEED GOLD Nuggets $25.10 ( Bids) Time Remaining: 26d 2h 17m Buy It Now for only: $25.10: 2 POUNDS Gold Paydirt 100 Unsearched PLUS Guaranteed Added Gold

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    Paydirt. DIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB – 12 MONTHS of Gold Paydirt from Gold Country Paydirt – Delivered to your door every month! Each month you will receive 5 (FIVE) POUNDS of Our Best Concentrates, Including Some Paydirt from our NEW PROSPECTING AREAS! $ 719.99 $ 359.99. Rated 5.00 out of 5.

  • ROI Guaranteed

    The total you pay for this paydirt bag will yield a guaranteed return on investment in gold based on the current daily spot price. There is a guaranteed 5 grams of gold in the bag. This is a crazy good deal and a fun bag of paydirt with primarily gold from 30-100 mesh screen size and can be a challenging bag for less experienced panner''s ...

  • Rich Gold Panning Paydirt Guaranteed Gold Nuggets ...

    Regular price. $639.99 $319.97 Sale. (12) *BOGO* Goldn Paydirt ''$5,000 Nugget Giveaway'' - Gold Panning Paydirt Concentrate. Goldn Paydirt. Regular price. $219.99 $64.99 Sale. (72) Treasure Paydirt Surprise ''300 GRAM GOLD HUNT'' - Gold Paydirt Panning Concentrates.

  • Felix Paydirt Gold Concentrates Gold Nuggets Alaska

    Great gold starts right here. 1902 - The legendary Felix Pedro discovers gold in Fairbanks, Alaska.The only problem was, gold was only worth $14.00 an ounce. Poor Felix. 90 years later - Enter the not-so-legendary but nonetheless charming Felix Paydirt, who knows a good thing when it clinks in the bottom of his gold …

  • Gold Panning Pay Dirt | eBay

    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Gold Panning Pay Dirt at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Skip to main content. Shop by category. ... 3 POUNDS Rich Unsearched Gold Paydirt - gold panning concentrates ADDED GOLD! $27.50. $60.00 previous price $60.00 previous price $60.00.

  • Paydirt

    (10---25 mesh). This material comes from a rich, Nevada placer where Gold fines and nuggets are processed by using back-hoes, metal detectors, and dry washers. This paydirt concentrate has been screened to 0.5 inch and comes in an attractive, re-sealable, zip-lock, heavy gauge plastic bag.

  • The Best Gold Paydirt on Earth™-Arizona Gold Nuggets, Gold ...

    The Best Gold Paydirt on Earth™-Arizona Gold Nuggets, Gold Flakes and Gold Pickers. Natural Gold Paydirt, Gold Nuggets And Gold Flakes For Sale. Real Authentic Gold Bearing Paydirt, Guaranteed! Lynch Mining, LLC is presently located in Arizona, California, Colorado and Canada. Today, the company is regarded as one of the most reputable and ...

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    Expect to find plenty of gold in each bag of this phenomenal paydirt! $ 299.99 $ 149.99. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Add to cart. Quick View. Sale! Quick View. EUREKA CLAIM – 2 POUNDS. This pay dirt is considerably more rich.

  • Shop Gold Country Paydirt

    Our Original Concentrate: Plenty of Pickers and Fines! $ 129.99 $ 89.99. Rated 5.00 out of 5. STRIKE PAYDIRT IN GOLD COUNTRY! 10 POUNDS OF SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN CLAIM PAYDIRT OUR ORIGINAL GOLD PAYDIRT CONCENTRATE! PLENTY OF PICKERS AND FINES! Our SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN CLAIM PAYDIRT is collected from the mountain base.

  • Unsearched Gold Paydirt From Colorado | Pan More Gold

    Here at Pan More Gold, we strive to offer the best gold paydirt for sale on the web today. Pan More Gold is a family business based out of beautiful Colorado. We proudly take our old family Toyota truck, a few dozen five gallon buckets, and a pile of hand tools and shovels to the creeks near the old gold mining towns that got flooded out.

  • Eureka Gold Sands

    At Eureka Gold Sands we have been setting the standards for quality gold concentrates with guaranteed gold amounts. We have always stood by the rules of fair business practices, great customer service with a personal touch and a complete money back guarantee on our products we are the only paydirt business to offer such strong backing of ...

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    Sale! Quick View. 40 Pounds of ORIGINAL (Great Gold!) Gold-Rich Unsearched Paydirt Concentrate from YELLOWSTONE PAYDIRT. $ 299.99 $ 149.99. Rated 5.00 out of 5. FAST & FREE EXPRESS U.S. SHIPPING SATISFACTION GUARANTEED GREAT VALUE. Add to cart. Quick View.

  • Paydirt for sale

    Paydirt has been for sale online for about 19 years now and become even more popular over the past few years. There is NO ONE who has been selling online longer than us (do some fact checking!). Goldbay originally started as gold nugget auction website and it was known as Motherlodegold .

  • Gold Concentrates Sale | Gold Concentrates Official Site

    Gold Concentrates Sale. We feature daily all Gold Concentrates listings. Browse in real time our list of Gold Concentrates sales, some restrictions may apply. ... my Best 2018 - $136.29. my Best 2018 Alaskan Gold concentrates paydirt ore. Real gold concentrates - $40.00. Real gold concentrates for sale. Approx 1 2 - $87.03. Approx 1 2 lb sample ...

  • Lyra''s Alaska Gold Panning Paydirt | Constellation Mining ...

    Lyra''s Alaskan Gold Panning Paydirt. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 17 customer ratings. ( 17 customer reviews) $15.00 – $15.50. This is 1 pound of the "good stuff" directly from our well paying Alaska dig site. We screen it to 1/4 inch and then I add a little extra gold …

  • Benson Beach, Washington State Paydirt -One gram gold ...

    A great bag of paydirt with 14 ounces of Benson Beach sand with a guaranteed 1 grams of gold. The gold is all from the beaches of Washington and Oregon and ranges in size from -40 mesh to +20 mesh and makes a great panning experience with fine gold and makes for a challenging bag of paydirt.

  • Paydirt – Colorado Gold Camp

    From super rich crystalline/wire gold pockets of the Ibex group, 2 pound diggings of the famed California Gulch, Silver Boom Super Rich Lead Carbonates to the placers of the Arkansas River Valley! We got it all! Here for you today we have a selection of our very best PAYDIRT from our very best mines.