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  • How to Buy | U.S. Borax

    This refined U.S. Borax product is made from the dehydration and fusion of borax. Depending on the grade, Anhybor can be used to produce boron-enriched compound fertilizers or to coat different fertilizer products, such as NPK blends with the aid of a binder. Learn more ›. 9.6% Boron.

  • When borax doesn''t work... | Arachnoboards

     · I''ve tried everything, from detergent powder + sugar in solution to honey + detergent powder to crushed cinnamon. Eventually I headed out to buy some commercial bait. The label on the box said it''s supposedly a "very effective" ant and cockroach killer (ingredients are cypermethrin, borax, white sugar and soybean powder). Apparently not.

  • What Insects Will Borax Chase Away or Kill? | Home Guides ...

     · What Insects Will Borax Chase Away or Kill?. Borax, also known as sodium tetraborate or sodium borate, contains boric acid and sodium salts. Together, these chemicals work …

  • How to Dry Flowers With Laundry Borax

     · Insert the stems into the bottom layer of the borax mixture. Place the flowers in the box at least two inches apart. Do not crowd the individual blossoms. Slowly cover the blooms with more of the drying medium. Sprinkle it in gently so that the flowers are not crushed. Cover the flowers completely.

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    Oct 16, 2016 - 1 GALLON of SLIME CHALLENGE! 10 lbs SLIME! How To Make Slime without Borax by Bum Bum Surprise ToysHope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! :)Don''t forget to sub...

  • Use Borax in the Bathroom

    Borax comes right outta the ground. Borax is a mineral, and the salt of boric acid, . The Borax from the box has been mined, refined and crushed into a white powder consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water. We actually received a small piece of Borax …

  • 23 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants in the Garden

    4. Borax and Sugar. This is a highly sought-after remedy for those seeking how to kill ants in garden soil. Borax is safe to use around plants and inside your house; however, it is toxic to many insect pests. To make a homemade ant killer, combine 1.5 tablespoons of borax and half a cup of sugar in a container.

  • 6 Creative Uses for Borax

     · Place flowers in a box and cover entirely with Borax. Be very careful not to crush the bloom. Once the flower is completely covered, place the box in a safe place where it won''t get knocked over for 10 to 12 days. Once the time is up, you should have a beautifully preserved flower or flowers with which to decorate.

  • How to Kill a Scorpion: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

     · 3. Set out sticky traps. The same traps that can be used to get rid of mice or roaches work for scorpions, too. Set them up in dark corners and near sources of water. If you catch a scorpion, throw the trap away and set out another one in the same area, since it''s likely a spot that more scorpions will be attracted to.

  • 20 Brilliant Uses for Borax You''ll Wish You Knew Sooner

     · 20 Brilliant Uses for Borax You''ll Wish You Knew Sooner. Slide 1 of 19: Remove stubborn stains from rugs and carpets by thoroughly dampening the area, then rubbing in some borax…

  • How Borax Makes Chores Easier

     · Make a paste of 1 cup borax and 1/4 cup lemon juice. Put some of the paste on a cloth or sponge and rub it into the stain, then rinse with running warm water. ... (be careful not to bend or crush ...

  • How to get Rid of Boxelder Bugs Permanently Inside ...

    Borax is used mostly inside your house especially in the warm areas where these bugs are suspected to be hiding. Sprinkle borax powder in the warm areas inside your house where the boxelder bugs like to hibernate. Borax will kill the bugs as described above and you therefore can use a broom to sweep off the dead bugs and clean the area.

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    Step 5. Sprinkle Borax on rugs, floors and furniture. Keep pets and children out of the room while you do this step. Let the Borax sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Vacuum the room to remove all of the Borax. Any fleas in the area will eat the Borax and die. Repeat this step weekly.

  • Borax for Roaches: Simple Recipes to Get Rid of ...

     · Borax is the more common item but both borax and boric acid will help get rid of roaches. How Borax Kills Roaches. For borax to work as an effective cockroach killer, the roaches have to eat it. Borax doesn''t attract roaches but we''ve got some recipes for baits that the roaches won''t be able to resist (see below!).

  • 14 Ways on how to get rid of roaches naturally and fast

     · 4. Baking Soda And Sugar. As mentioned above, the borax and sugar mixture can make poisonous bait for these roaches. Now, if you don''t want to use borax because of the presence of your kids and pets in the house, you can try mixing sugar with baking soda to make effective bait for these roaches at your home.

  • Borax on Ground Ivy: Boon or Bane? | Horticulture and Home ...

     · Borax is actually sodium tetraborate, a white, crystalline, mineral salt formed in the beds of ancient lakes millions of years ago. As early as the 1920s, this mineral was being used not only for its cleaning properties, but for its ability to eradicate weeds. Through trial and error, people found that borax could kill ground ivy.

  • Using Borax Powder to Kill Ants

    Solid Borax Ant Bait Recipe. For the solid borax ant recipe, you want to use the same 1-to-3 ratio mentioned in the liquid ant bait recipe. However, in this case, you''ll want to mix the borax with powdered sugar. As an example, if you use three-quarters of a cup of powdered sugar, you''ll want to combine it with one-quarter of a cup of borax.

  • 16 Borax Uses for Every Part of Your Home | Apartment Therapy

     · Though once a cleaning staple, borax (aka sodium tetraborate), fell out of favor as other more modern cleaning products took center stage. But the powdery white mineral has recently regained some of its market share, due to the fact that it''s a primary ingredient for making slime—an incredibly popular activity for children. It turns out, borax is good for more than kiddie crafts ...

  • 4 Ways to Make Slime Without Borax

     · To make slime without borax, first, mix together a fourth cup (60 milliliters) of glue and 2 tablespoons (30 milliliters) of water in a bowl. Add a few drops of your favorite food coloring if you like. Next, add in 2 tablespoons …

  • Borax Ant Killer

    Borax is a milder and safer alternative to boric acid. In fact, borax is a salt that is derived from boric acid – so, they essentially do the same thing. For purposes of this website and easy availability – we always refer to the powdered form of borax when showing you how make your own ant killer with borax.

  • Borax Cures and Health Benefits

     · Borax causes men to produce more testosterone and women more estriol. For those of us older than 40 or 50, that would seem a very good thing. Taking 2 or 3 days a week off the borax is to (supposedly) allow your body to adjust and your hormones to balance. Several people take borax continuously and don''t seem to suffer any ill effects.

  • US5698208A

    Methods and compositions, which rely upon borax toxicants, to control Tephritidae fruit fly populations below economic thresholds are disclosed. More particularly, methods and compositions which utilize borax toxicants are disclosed which cause the Tephritidae fruit flies to die prematurely or which interfere with the Tephritidae fruit flies to produce eggs for a period of about seven days.

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    I wonder how much the detergent might have lost of its strengh (which is not unlikely to happen if washing powder becomes that damp). The same thing happened with my borax, empty it into a pail and crush it up with your hands. I now store it in a tupperware air tight container. I dont think mine lost any of its cleaning ability''s.

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    Crush the borate mineral with a pestle or similar crushing object. Do not lift the pestle high or slam down on the mineral as that will cause pieces to fly up and potentially hit an eye. Instead, move the pestle slightly above the mortar and bring it down with a firm hand. Crush …

  • Borax vs Baking Soda: When to Use Each for Cleaning ...

     · Borax is significantly more alkaline than baking soda. Borax has a pH of 9.5 vs. 8 for baking soda. That might make it more effective in certain situations, but it also makes it a harsher cleaning agent. And, then there''s the fact that you can safely consume baking soda, while borax should not be eaten, inhaled, or even exposed to your skin.

  • Solubility Science: How to Grow the Best Crystals ...

     · • Borax, also called 20-Mule Team cleaner. It can be found in the cleaning aisle of many grocery stores. (Use caution when handling cleaners—they can …

  • Rock Crushing methods and How to recover gold from Ores

    Finally, once the rock is fully crushed we get to the part about separating out the gold from the crushed rock. Often, this is accomplished simply by very careful panning. Panning is the most suitable method if you only have an amount of rock less than about 15 or 20 pounds. On the other hand if you are going to be processing large quantities ...

  • How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs in Your House

     · Borax: Often used for cleaning, borax is a boron-based compound that also breaks down the protective coating of the boxelder bug and destroys cell membranes. Sprinkle a coating of it around boxelder trees and inside the exterior siding of your house.

  • 55 gallon steel drum can crush using atmospheric pressure ...

     · Watch a 55 gallon steel drum get crushed by the awesome power of atmospheric pressure.

  • Use Borax in the Bathroom

    Borax comes right outta the ground. Borax is a mineral, and the salt of boric acid, . The Borax from the box has been mined, refined and crushed into a white powder consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water. We actually received a small piece of Borax in a mineral set from the school book ordering company.

  • 3 Ways to Make Slime Without Any Glue or Borax

     · To make slime without any glue or borax, mix equal parts body wash and cornstarch in a bowl. If the slime is too thick, add water to thin it out. You can also make slime by mixing equal parts shaving cream and 3-in-1 body wash with a little bit of salt. Then, chill the mixture in the freezer for 15 minutes and voila!

  • 11 Killer Ways To Get Rid Of Roaches Without Harming You

     · Crush up a bunch of fresh or dried bay leaves and sprinkle around the house. It''s best to put them near where they are nesting if you know the location. This will cause them to leave and find a better-smelling place to live. 3. Ammonia. ... Borax and Sugar Trap.

  • Uses For Borax Powder For Cleaning, Laundry, Stain Removal ...

    Borax is a trade name for a naturally occuring mineral also known as sodium borate. It is actually mined from the earth and then partially dehydrated and crushed up to be sold as borax. People have been using borax for over 100 years to clean their home and for use in their laundry.

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     · Hydrous Borax can be baked to drive off the moisture and convert it to Anhydrous Borax but, then doesn''t it have to be crushed/ground back into a powder? I seem to recall reading something about it coming out as one big chunk after baking. Seems easier just to use it as is and let the heat of the metal do the work or, just buy your anhydrous ...

  • 15 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches/ Roaches

    5. Cayenne, garlic and onion. This is another natural repellent that can get rid of roaches effectively. Boil 4 cups of water. Into the boiling water goes one clove of crushed garlic, one crushed onion and one teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Turn off the stove and allow the solution to cool down. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray it in reach ...

  • How to Kill Fleas With 20 Mule Team Borax | Hunker

     · Fleas can make life miserable and can make you, your family and your pets sick. To rid your home of fleas naturally, consider using 20 Mule Team Borax laundry detergent as a pesticide. By taking extra precautions and using a few easy steps, you can remove a flea infestation easily and safely.

  • 3 Ways to Make Slime with Borax

    1/2 cup of sugar. 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Simply mix the borax with the sugar and then add the warm water. Stir until both the borax and the sugar have been thoroughly dissolved and produces a thick consistency. The sweetness of the sugar draws the ants to this mixture, but the toxicity of the borax …

  • The Chemistry of How Borax Works as a Cleaner

     · Borax and other borates clean and bleach by converting some water molecules to hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ). This reaction is more favorable in hotter water. The pH of borax is about 9.5, so it produces a basic solution in water, thereby increasing the …

  • Best [15 Ways]: How To Get Rid Of Creeping Charlie Quickly?

     · Creeping charlie is a very sneaky plant when it comes to spreading its own tentacles around your lawn or the garden.. It is a cousin of the mint plant and hence, it has a strong and minty odor to it. You can detect this when you crush a little bit of the plant and smell it. The creeping charlie''s leaves are bright green to look at and they are either round or kidney-shaped.

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    Borax has some very peculiar symptoms which will serve as keynotes to many cases. ... Sensation as if the heart were on the right side, and were going to be crushed. Infants cyanotic from birth. Neck and Back. Sharp and drawing pains between the shoulder-blades, on the shoulder, and in the nape of the neck, with inability to stoop. ...

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    Disodium tetraborate (borax) containing 5 or 10 molecules of water is produced mainly from sodium-containing borate ores. The mined ore is crushed and ground before dissolution in a hot recycled aqueous solution containing some borax.

  • 15 Ways to Clean Your House With Borax

     · Borax is a great choice for removing soap scum from shower doors. Simply put some borax on a sponge or dishcloth and scrub away the soap scum until it''s gone! Eliminating Mildew In The Kitchen. Mix borax with a little bit of water to create an effective cleaner …